Fixing the Freeze

So you surf to a site you could happily surf to the day before, and it won't appear. You get stuck half-way through loading the page. Your browser reports that it is waiting to load something from a site other than the one you are at. And then it freezes.

This is not a phishing attack or a pharming attack or a trojan or a worm or a virus or adware or a sign of a DDoS attack.

Its actually quite simple but a real pain to diagnose.

The sites that you are tripping up on are used to store images for the sites you are visiting. A typical one is when you go to ebay.

What has happened is that these image stores have moved their server locations. Your browser is still looking for the files in the place they used to be.

Normally, your browser would look in whatever place it was told to, and would always find them.

BUT, if you have a local DNS cache held on your PC, often as a part of your Firewall, this will be telling your browser to look in the old obsolete location. So it finds nothing and freezes.

The answer is simple: Delete all the entries from your Firewall's DNS cache. [This cache is only used to speed up surfing a little, and the entries will start to aggregate again as soon as you start surfing.]

If this doesn't work, look for other local DNS cache lists held on your PC, perhaps by your anti-virus software, your router software, or your browser. But usually it is your Firewall software.

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