Get the bandwidth you paid for. Or, how to make money with a legal P2P network.


Soon lots of people will have ADSL, maybe next generation personal web pipes of 2Mbps, or 5Mbps. Now if you are serving a lot of end users, this is going to make some serious demands on your server-something that wasn't such a problem when all your users had dial-up modems and crap phone lines.

The simple solution is to limit the amount of bandwidth each user is allowed at your server.

Now the user is paying for a 2Mbps connection, and gets it from their PC to their ISP across the backbone, all the way to the distant server they are connected to, where the sysadmin limits their connection to 256Kbps. They are the weakest link, and your connection is only so fast as the thinnest bit.

So our clever user gets some software that allows him to make 8 simultaneous connections, each for one eighth of the file he wants, filling his pipe, taking eight seats for his one ticket, and getting his 2Mbps data flow.

Now the sysadmin decides to upgrade and not only limits the bandwidth per connection, but the number of connections to each IP address. Our user is dumped back amongst the 256Kbps fraternity.

So here we come in with out peer-to-peer P2P network. You pay your subs and join. Now, whenever you connect, each request is split into a number of parts and despatched to use spare capacity on other subscribers computers (with different IP/MAC addresses) called from these disparate IP addresses, and delivered to your PC. When you aren't using your pipe it is available for others, and vice versa.

Time for the sysadmin to go buy a bigger pipe, because this system cannot be defeated. To run this, you don't need to own or run any proxy servers, just the software and subscription system, and you are not aiding the supply of hooky music files, just speeding up normal access. Its not file sharing, but using a P2P network to bear the load, and spoof those who would limit your bandwidth.

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