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Haywards Heath College, December 1985

These are all scanned, compressed, and cropped for display on a webpage. This page is Googlebot blocked. OK, lets kick off with a montage of the guys: Kev with a deft throat jab causes serious injury to Trosky (stage rear, in pain) whilst Mark, Gav, and Steve pose peacefully.

Ah, the classic Steve with arms coming out of his head shot. Hooperman luncheons to the right.

Gav, being Gav, as only Gav knew how.

Hooperman again, practising for a career in American politics.

Trosky in an early and rare documented case of pole dancing. Still some way to go. Trosky is now an eminent scientist (honest) but still finds time to climb poles at the weekend.

It's my History class. We never did find out whether those stories about Catherine the Great and the cavalry horse
were true or just propaganda. Probably taken on Thursday 6th February 1986.
L to R: Tim, James, Alison, Michael, Amanda, Rupert and Lawrence. Craig, Nick and Helena were absent.

And some of my English class, thinking 'I bet he's taking these photos to post on the web in a couple of decades time'.

Finally, its me and Andy. I was operating the camera with my toe.

Travel further back in time. It could almost be Time Team!