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Memory Lane 1 - Comics

Jenny Hanley from Magpie and Lily-Pop from Cheeky comic.

Look In comic features from 1979: Mike Reid wombling about.
From Shadows Roy Jacobs, Sophie Ward, and Gwyneth Strong (Cassandra from Only Fools and Horses).

Peter Pan Playthings Ltd. exhorts us to 'Streak for Fitness, Streak for Fun'.

Lollies from Wall's: From 1978, Star-Ship 2000 (lemonade, raspberry and mixed fruit flavour), Warlord (chocolate and mint flavour), and King Kong (banana flavour with toffee centre and chocolate flavour coating). From 1980, The Incredible Hulk, The Black Hole (a black lolly with a raspberry-red centre), The Magic Monster ice-cream lolly (take it out and a ghoul appears on the wrapper), and the Funny Feet strawberry flavour ice-cream lolly.

Trebor Blobs came in 'Raspberry and Sherbet', 'Toffee Apple', 'Strawberry and Cream',
'Fizzy Cola', 'Fizzy Cider', and 'Apple, Banana and Pear' flavours.

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