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The Independent Network: An Independent Internet.

Removing the Bandwidth Problem.

Gaia: The Open Source Hardware Platform.

Active Distributed Network Computing.
Using the File-Sharing Network as a Dedicated Network Architecture
Entirely Private Surfing

Ferret Distributed File-Sharing.

May 2005 Update.

Standardising Encrypted E-Mail using FAXoIP.

Multiple Processor Computing.

Rosetta NOS and NetGate application.
The Internet v.2.0. (WordPad file).
Rosetta Network Operating System for Mediating Networks
and the NetGate Application

Active Data Files and Data Centric Computing. The future of computing.

Virtual Beowulf Cluster. Design Brief. (WordPad file)

WebPuter and Generic 'Puter. Design Brief. (WordPad file)

Linap. Using Linux to Protect Windows.

The Harmoniser. Seamless interconnectivity for everything.

Darwin Class Viruses. The virus as alife.

Long Distance Broadband Over Ordinary Phone Lines.

MetaFormat: A Universal File Format. Using ADF/DCC.

Keylock E-Keys and Tripwire Security.

IBOD. Internet Broadcast on Demand.

OpenMeta. Intelligent distributed searching.

MoCasting. Making 3G pay.

WiFi-3G using 54g. Distributed 3G-alike services.

Fullband. Using P2P legally to get the bandwidth you pay for.

Arachnea. Build a better search engine.

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