The Manor Field, Downlands & HHC Stuff

Chronology of Events
This may help fill in some gaps.

1972-1975: Manor Field Infants: (5-7 years old)
1975-1979: Manor Field Juniors: 4 years (7-11)
1979-1980: 1st Year at Downlands (11-12)
1980-1981: 2nd Year at Downlands (12-13)
1981-1982: 3rd Year at Downlands (13-14)
1982-1983: 4th Year at Downlands (14-15)
1983-1984: 5th Year at Downlands (15-16)
1984-1985: Lower Sixth at HHC (16-17)
1985-1986: Upper Sixth at HHC (17-18)

The final run of the Brighton Belle, 30 April 1972.

The top selling single for 1972: Amazing Grace by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards band.

Snow carpets BH as we all get measles, February 1973.

MF Summer fete and fancy dress, Saturday 16th June 1973. I go as a boy wizard. Over the years, Manor Field fancy dress competitions would include Sally Mitchell's red indian, and Ursula Fisher in a grass skirt.

MF Sports Day, Wednesday 11th July 1973.

MF Back to school, Wednesday 5th September 1973.

MF School bonfire night, Saturday 3rd November 1973.

Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips get married, Wednesday 14th November 1973.

MF Jumble sale, Saturday 1st December 1973.

MF School play, Thursday 6th December 1973.

MF Bring and buy sale with Santa's grotto, Saturday 8th December 1973.

MF Christmas party, Tuesday 18th December 1973.

The top selling single for 1973: Tie a Yellow Ribbon by Dawn.

MF Barn dance, 50p admission, 7.30pm, Saturday 19th October 1974.

MF School bonfire night, 6.45pm, Saturday 2nd November 1974. I helped my mum out in the soup kitchen. 7 gallons of soup (oxtail and tomato) being made in the school kitchens in the afternoon and then sold from the stall between the two big trees the field, only one of which now remains.

Burgess Hill's new indoor Swim Centre opens, 8th February 1975.

The top selling single for 1974: Tiger Feet by Mud.

Snow! March 1975.

MF Fashion Show, Wednesday 23rd April 1975.

MF Summer fete and fancy dress, Saturday 14th June 1975.

MF Art exhibition, Friday 4th-Saturday 5th July 1975.

MF School bonfire night, Saturday 1st November 1975.

MF Infants' [nativity?] play, Thursday 4th December 1975.

The top selling single for 1975: Bye Bye Baby by the Bay City Rollers.

MF Jumble Sale, Saturday 24th January 1976.

MF Valentine Disco, Friday 6th February, 1976.

MF Fashion Show, Wednesday 17th March 1976. Adults only.

MF Talk: 'Know Your Sussex', Tuesday 23rd March 1976. A PTA flyer noting this as a future activity states the speaker to be a Mrs. B. Shipley.

MF Trip to Drusilla's Zoo, Thursday 25th March 1976. Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Burnside, Mrs. Randall, and Miss. Poland protect us from the animals, and the animals from us.

MF Trip to the Brighton Aquarium, Thursday 13th May 1976.

MF Summer fete, scheduled in a PTA flyer for 2nd July 1976.

Phew, what a scorcher. A hot summer peaks at 35.9C recorded in Cheltenham, 3 August 1976. This summer there were 15 consecutive days with temperatures above 32C. MF Summer fete is held on one of the hottest days of the year.

MF Christmas fayre, 10am-noon, Saturday 4th December 1976.

MF Christmas concerts, infants: 7th and 8th December; juniors: 14th and 15th December 1976.

MF Carol singing, Monday 20th December 1976.

The top selling single for 1976: Save All Your Kisses for Me by the Brotherhood of Man.

MF Sponsored walk, Saturday 2nd April 1977.

MF Jubilee concert, 7.30pm, Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June 1977. An Evening of British Music: Fanfare; Folk Song Early One Morning (3rd and 4th year choir); Elizabethan Tunes (4th year recorders); Two poems composed by pupils; Fun Folk (3rd and 4th year choir); Greensleeves (guitar and recorders); Poems composed by infant pupils; Folk Songs (violins and recorders); Septet The Clock Shop; Two poems composed by pupils; The Sunshine Group Bobby Shaftoe; Rooster Rag (3rd and 4th year choir); Finale: Land of Hope and Glory (soloist: Mrs. Pauline Bryant); God Save the Queen.

MF Cross-country run, Wednesday 19th October 1977.

MF Mr. Gumbrell died, October 1977.

MF School bonfire night, Saturday 5th November 1977.

MF Christmas fayre, Saturday 3rd December 1977.

MF Christmas party, Thursday 15th December 1977.

The top selling single for 1977: Don't Give Up On Us by David Soul.

The first episode of Blake's 7 is broadcast, Monday 2nd January 1978. Roj Blake (Gareth Thomas), Kerr Avon (Paul Darrow), Vila Restal (the thief, Michael Keating), Genna Stannis (the blonde, Sally Knyvette), Cally (the telepath, Jan Chappell), Olag Gan (David Jackson), Del Tarrant (the deserter, Steven Pacey), Soolin (Glynis Barber), Dayna Mellanby (Josette Simon), Supreme Commander Servalan (Jacqueline Pearce) and Travis (Stephen Greif; Brian Croucher). Zen, the Liberator's computer, and Orac.

MF trip to a sawmill in East Grinstead, Wednesday 25th January 1978.

MF PTA disco, Saturday 28th January 1978.

The first episode of Grange Hill is broadcast, preparing us for comprehensive school: Wednesday 8th February 1978. Tucker Jenkins, Benny Green, Alan Humphries, Justin Bennett, Trisha Yates, Judy Preston, and Ann Wilson. Norman 'Gripper' Stebson arrived in 1981.

MF Jumble sale, Saturday 4th March 1978.

Liverpool beat Club Brugge 1:0 to win the European Cup at Wembley, Wednesday 10th May 1978. Kenny Dalglish scores the winner.

MF Last day as a third year, Tuesday 25th July 1978.

MF First day of the fourth year, Tuesday 5th September 1978.

MF Trip to Ashdown Forest, September 1978.

MF School bonfire night, Saturday 4th November 1978.

MF Fourth year party, 6-8pm, Thursday 14th December 1978.

The top selling single for 1978: Rivers of Babylon by Boney M.

Periodical snowfalls and a strike by lorry drivers plunge Burgess Hill into picturesque chaos, January 1979.

MF Burst pipes in the top infants' classes. The Major Incident Protocol is invoked and lessons for the unfortunate bedraggled victims take place in the assembly hall, Wednesday 10th January 1979.

MF PTA Auction, Saturday 27th January 1979.

MF Trip to the Science Museum, London. Friday 9th February 1979. On the same day Trevor Francis becomes Britain's first million pound footballer moving from Birmingham City to Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest.

MF Jumble sale, Saturday 7th April 1979.

MF 'Call My Bluff' final. PTA 3 : 4 Parents. Wednesday 16th May 1979.

MF Summer fete, Saturday 16th June 1979.

Visit to Downlands, Wednesday 4th July 1979.

MF Fourth year disco, 7-9pm, Tuesday 17th July 1979.

MF Last Day after six years at MF, Wednesday 18th July 1979.

At the age of 11 we move up to 'big school', in many cases travelling by train from Wivelsfield and Burgess Hill, Tuesday 4th September 1979.

DN School disco, Wednesday 5th December 1979.

The year ends as it began, with snow. December 1979.

The top selling single for 1979: Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel.

DN First year parents conference, 4th March 1980.

DN First year boys camping in the New Forest, May 1980.

Who shot J.R.? The BBC broadcast the episode on 26th May 1980 and pulled in 24 million viewers. 27.3m tuned in to discover that Kristen had.

DN First year girls camping in the New Forest, June 1980.

DN School fete, 28th June 1980.

DN End of the first year, 18th July 1980.

DN The second year begins, 2nd September 1980.

The top selling single for 1980: Don't Stand So Close To Me by the Police.

Don't Panic! The first episode of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is broadcast on BBC2, Monday 5th January 1981. Simon Jones (Arthur Dent), David Dixon (Ford Prefect), Peter Jones (the voice of the book), Sandra Dickinson (Trillian), and Mark Wing-Davey (Zaphod Beeblebrox). Douglas Adams couldn't wait for hypertext, e-books, PDAs, and the internet to be invented, so he just went right ahead on his own. Tragically he died of a heart attack in Santa Barbara, California on 11th May 2001, aged just 49.

DN Non-Uniform Day (10p), Thursday 19th March 1981.

DN School Photos taken, Tuesday 31st March 1981.

Bucks Fizz win the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Making Your Mind Up', Saturday 4th April 1981.

DN Teachers v. Pupils netball match, Wednesday 8th April, 1981. The teachers won.

The Space Shuttle Columbia launches for its first mission, Sunday 12th April, 1981, landing safely on Tuesday 14th.

Ipswich Town win the UEFA Cup beating AZ67 Alkmaar 5:4 on aggregate over the two legs, Wednesday 20th May 1981.

Liverpool beat Real Madrid 1:0 to win the European Cup in Paris, Wednesday 27th May 1981. Ray Kennedy scores the winner.

DN Sponsored Walk, Friday 12th June 1981. From Downlands to Lewes and back again.

DN Summer Fete, Saturday 27th June 1981.

DN Sports Day, Wednesday 8th July 1981.

DN Non-Uniform Day (10p), Wednesday 15th July 1981.

The Royal Wedding, Charles and Diana, Wednesday 29th July 1981. Admit it, somewhere in your loft you have a commemorative plate, dish, cup, or merkin.

DN Last day as a second year, Friday 24th July 1981.

DN The third year begins, Thursday 3rd September 1981.

Anwar Sadat assassinated, Tuesday 6th October 1981.

DN BCG vaccinations for protection against Tuberculosis. Wednesday 21st October 1981.

CB Radio is legalised, Monday 2nd November 1981. Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c'mon? Ah, yeah, 10-4, Pig Pen, fer shure, fer shure. By golly, it's clean clear to Flag Town, c'mon. Yeah, that's a big 10-4 there, Pig Pen, yeah, we definitely got the front door, good buddy. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy...

DN Non-Uniform Day (10p), Tuesday 1st December 1981.

The final episode of Blake's 7 is broadcast, Monday 21st December 1981.

The top selling single for 1981: Tainted Love by Soft Cell.

TVS replaces Southern as the ITV franchise holder, Friday 1st January 1982.

DN term begins with 3" of snow on the playground, Monday 11th January 1982.

Train strikes, often two days a week, January and February 1982.

DN Evening talk on options we must choose to take next year, 7.30pm, Tuesday 26th January 1982.

DN Non-Uniform Day (10p), Thursday 18th February 1982.

The final episode of Not The Nine O'Clock News is broadcast at 9pm, Monday 8th March 1982. The memory kinda lingers, particularly of the 'Laid in Wales' sketch the week before. I tried so hard not to laugh, because I was too young to officially know what getting laid meant, that I appeared to be fitting, causing much consternation.

DN School Photos taken, Tuesday 23rd March 1982.

Argentine forces invade the Falkland Islands, Friday 2nd April 1982.

DN Biology lesson devoted to contraception, April 1982.

Aston Villa beat Bayern Munich 1:0 in Rotterdam to win the European Cup, Wednesday 26th May 1982. Peter Withe scores the winner in the 67th minute.

Argentine surrender of Port Stanley, Monday 14th June 1982. Official end to hostilities on Sunday 20th.

The 1982 World Cup first round matches in Spain see Algeria beat West Germany 2:1 with goals from Rabah Madjer and Lakhdar Belloumi, Wednesday 16th May 1982.

DN Sponsored Day, Friday 18th June 1982.

DN Non-Uniform Day (10p), Thursday 1st July 1982.

DN Sports Day, Wednesday 7th July 1982.

Italy beat West Germany 3:1 in the World Cup Final with goals from Paolo Rossi, Marco Tardelli, and Alessandro Altobelli, Sunday 11th July 1982.

DN Last day as a third year, Friday 23rd July 1982.

DN The fourth year begins, Thursday 2nd September 1982.

DN plunged into consternation by the fetish for short, tight skirts. Perhaps fearing spontaneous instances of rampant, immoral intimacy, girls were told to wear bigger, longer skirts. It was a fire hazard, apparently (the tight skirts making it difficult to run from the flames-although we were always told to walk briskly in fire drills). Clogs were also a serious problem and two Dutch pupils were publicly whipped as an example to the rest of us. (September 1982).

Henry VIII's flagship the Mary Rose is lifted from the Solent, Monday 11th October 1982.

Channel 4 begins broadcasting, Tuesday 2nd November 1982.

DN EFL (Education for Living) lessons begin, November 1982.

The Young Ones broadcast for the first time on Tuesday 9th November 1982. Episode 1: 'Demolition'.

DN Trip to see Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, London, Wednesday 8th December 1982.

The top selling single for 1982: Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners.

BBC Breakfast Time starts broadcasting at 6.30am with Frank Bough and Selina Scott, 17th January 1983.

DN OA English trip to see The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare. The Barbican Centre, London. (Patrick Stewart before he entered Starfleet, Gemma Jones, and Sheila Hancock). Saturday 19th February 1983.

DN Non-Uniform Day (10p), Thursday 10th March 1983. No kilts, posing pouches, or peep-hole bras allowed.

DN brought to the brink of the abyss by an outbreak of 'fashionable, open, lacey patterns for jumpers and cardigans'. You know who you were. 'Broderie anglais frills' caused outrage. No discussion or concern though on the relevancy of the curriculum to the world we were to be thrust into. (April 1983).

DN Biology field trip all week, 16th-20th May 1983. Monday on the South Downs, Tuesday to Ditchling Pond, Wednesday to Cuckmere Haven, and on Thursday to Newtimber Forest. Lab work on Friday. A veritable orgy of non-stop biology.

Brighton & Hove Albion draw 2:2 with Manchester Utd in the FA Cup Final, Saturday 21st May 1983, only to lose the replay 4:0.

The Black Adder first broadcast, episode 1: 'The Foretelling', Wednesday 15th June 1983.

DN The fifth year begins, September 1983.

DN She Stoops To Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith, October 1983.

Michael Jackson's Thriller video debuts on Channel 4 at 1.05am, December 1983.

The top selling single for 1983: Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.

DN Shocking news in the newsletter: 'A number of boys have adopted the fashion of wearing brightly coloured socks ... it seems appropriate to remind them before the situation gets out of hand that school dress call [sic] for grey or black socks'. Seven students were executed by firing squad, (January 1984, Chinese Year of the Sock Puppet).

Interviews for Sixth Form College take place, February 1984.

Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean win Olympic gold, Tuesday 14th February, 1984.

DN Trip to the Natural History Museum, London, Thursday 5th April 1984.

DN Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. Ragtime version, April 1984.

DN CSE and GCE O' Level examinations, May-June 1984.

Spurs win the UEFA Cup beating Anderlecht on penalties, Wednesday 23rd May 1984.

DN Last day of lessons, Friday 25th May 1984.

Liverpool win the European Cup beating Roma on penalties, Wednesday 30th May, 1984.

England beat Brazil 2:0 in the Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Sunday 10th June 1984.

HHC Induction course: Tuesday and Wednesday 3rd-4th July 1984.

DN Exam results arrive, Friday 24th August 1984.

HHC First full day: Monday 10th September 1984.

HHC trip to see Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde, Connaught Theatre, Worthing, Tuesday 9th October, 1984.

HHC Ten Times Table by Alan Ayckbourn, Tuesday 13th November 1984.

HHC You Should See Us Now by Peter Tinniswood, Monday 26th-Tuesday 27th November 1984.

DN Certificate evening, Friday 30th November 1984. Certificates handed out by Brian Derbyshire, principal of Haywards Heath College.

HHC Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht, Tuesday 4th-Wednesday 5th December 1984.

HHC trip to see The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare at Christ Church, Spitalfields, London, Wednesday 12th December 1984.

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen to M*A*S*H as the last episode is screened by the BBC on Thursday 27th December 1984.

The top selling single for 1984: Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid.

Snow and lots of it, January 1985.

HHC trip to see Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare at the Barbican Centre, London, Tuesday 5th February 1985.

HHC trip to see The Devils by John Whiting at the Pit in the Barbican Centre, London, Wednesday 13th February, 1985.

HHC Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, Wednesday 13th-Thursday 14th February, 1985.

Eastenders first broadcast, Tuesday 19 February 1985. The same week, the BBC's transparent revolving globe logo was launched and Wogan started transmission three time a week.

HHC trip to Sussex University, Wednesday 27th February 1985.

HHC trip to history lectures at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Thursday 14th March 1985.

HHC The Gondoliers by Gilbert and Sullivan, Tuesday 12th-Friday 15th March 1985.

HHC The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco and The Licensed to Kill Students Revue, Monday 18th March 1985.

HHC Festival Week organised by David Adelman and Anne Fielding-Smith, Monday 18th-Friday 22nd March 1985. Lunch hour extended for the duration stretching from 12.30 to 2.40. Extra doughnuts all round.

HHC Three One-Act Plays: The Island by James Saunders; Alarm Call by John Bowen; and A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter, Tuesday/Wednesday 23rd-24th April 1985.

HHC Stevie by Hugh Whitemore, Wednesday/Thursday 1st-2nd May 1985.

Heysel Stadium Disaster, Wednesday 29th May 1985. 39 fans died.

HHC Examinations, June 1985.

HHC A Separate Peace by Tom Stoppard, Tuesday 25th June 1985.

HHC Careers lectures, Thursday & Friday 11th-12th July 1985.

There's Dancing in the Street as Live Aid rocks Wembley Stadium, London, and the JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Saturday 13th July 1985.

HHC Gunge Staff Review with Mrs. Porter's Sister Sledge and Mr. Derbyshire's Country and Western solo, Tuesday 16th July 1985.

Bobby Ewing dead. Well we thought he was, and so did Pam, Wednesday 17th July 1985.

HHC Last day of first year: Thursday 18th July 1985.

HHC Start of the second year: Tuesday 3rd September 1985; full curriculum kicks off again on Monday 9th.

HHC trip to see Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare, London, Friday 1st November, 1985.

HHC The Golden Pathway Annual by John Harding and John Burrows, Wednesday/Thursday 6th-7th November 1985.

If you were hoping to go to University, you'd be off to strange and frightening places in November and on into December 1985, being interviewed.

Diana, Princess of Wales visits Burgess Hill, Friday 29th November 1985.

Philip Larkin, poet, passed away, Monday 2nd December 1985.

HHC The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy adapted from the work of Douglas Adams, Tuesday-Thursday 10th-12th December 1985.

The top selling single for 1985: The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush.

HHC Mock A' Level exams: January 1986.

The space shuttle Challenger explodes, Tuesday 28th January 1986.

A sudden fall of nearly 2" of snow causes havoc on the trains and Mr. Oxley closes college at 2.30pm, Thursday 6th February 1986.

HHC Valentine party and Close to the Heart published for the modest sum of 20p, Thursday 13th February 1986. 300 copies printed and they sold like hot cakes to universal acclaim. If you missed out, check ebay.

Today newspaper launched, and its in colour, Tuesday 4th March 1986. Not as good as Close to the Bone though.

The Giotto space probe's fly-by of Halley's Comet on the night of Thursday/Friday 13th-14th March 1986.

An explosion occurs at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, Ukraine, Saturday 26th April 1986.

HHC Nick Markham rebels and stages a walk-out after a ban on lunchtime excursions. Mr. Derbyshire goes ballistic and responds with multiple suspensions and a ban on snogging within the college grounds. Tinderbox stuff! Friday 2nd May 1986.

Close to the Kremlin published (still only 20p) and sells out, Wednesday 14th May 1986.

HHC Summer Fashion Show. Anyone wishing to be a model should report to Mrs. Gadd. Wednesday 14th May 1986, 8pm.

HHC Staff v. Pupils hockey match drawn, 3:3, Thursday 15th May 1986.

First episode of A Very Peculiar Practice aired, preparing us for university. Wednesday 21st May, 1986.

HHC: The end. Officially the last day of lessons. Only the exams to go. Friday 23rd May 1986.

Sport Aid Race Against Time, Sunday 25th May 1986.

HHC A' Level exams, June 1986, during a heatwave with particularly high pollen counts.

'The Hand of God' knocks us out of the World Cup. Sunday 22nd June 1986.

HHC Leavers' Day, Friday 27th June 1986. Presentation of colours and awards, farewells, replies (Jane Harding), reading (Mrs. Gadd), prayer (Mr. Ward), and Jerusalem. Return your locker key, take your books back to the library, hand in your clearance forms, and if you had a ticket go to the Farewell Buffet and Disco. And that was that-we went our separate ways. If you went straight to university for a three year course, you would have graduated in the summer of 1989.

HHC Pericles by William Shakespeare. Tuesday 16th September 1986. (Edinburgh Festival).

The top selling single for 1986: Don't Leave Me This Way by the Communards.

Not yet dated:

HHC trip to see The Tempest by William Shakespeare at the Kings Theatre, Southsea, Possibly: Wednesday 8th May 1985.

HHC One Night Stand by Tom Stoppard. June 198?

Trip to see The Tempest by William Shakespeare at St. Georges Shakespeare's Theatre, London? (Philip Madoc and Sarah Miles)

Manor Field

The first years at Manor Field are a little complicated. We started in late 1972 in Reception Class (for me, that of Miss. Harrison). Then the classes were split. I went up into Mrs. Richens' class in January 1973, on into Mrs. Gee's class in September 1973, and then into Mrs. Chilvers' class in September 1974. A PTA Newsletter circa late 1976 states that the school had 685 pupils and 24 full-time members of staff. There were 3 year groups of infants in 9 classes, and 4 year groups of juniors in 14 classes.

Downlands Timetable

Originally: 8.50: Assembly or Tutor Group; 9.20: Period 1; 9.55: Period 2; 10.30: Break; 10.45: Period 3; 11.20: Period 4; 11.55: Dinner; 1.20: Period 5; 1.55: Period 6; 2.30: 5 minute break; 2.35: Period 7; 3.10: Period 8. Revised: 8.50: Assembly or Tutor Group; 9.20: Period 1; 9.55: Period 2; 10.30: Period 3; 11.05: Period 4; 11.40: Break; 12.00: Period 5; 12.35: Period 6; 1.10: Lunch; 2.25: Period 7; 3.00: Period 8. Lessons lasted 35mins or for double periods, 1hr 10mins.


MF: Mr. G. M. Coward (head); Mrs. Mandy Watson (pottery, art, craft, and educational technology); Mrs. Trixie Barnden; Mrs. Pat Fuller (Tom's mum); Miss. Enid Harrison (head of infants and singing); Mrs. Craig; Mrs. George Chilvers; Mrs. Jean Moses; Mrs. Margaret Coveney; Mrs. J. Drewitt; Mrs. Rosemary Gee; Mrs. N. Mayes; Miss M. Glynn; Mrs. Jenny Richens (art and craft); Mrs. S. Clarke (drama); Mrs. Burnside; Mrs. Joyce Randall; Mr. John Gabriel (PE); Mr. Gumbrell (AV equipment); Mrs. V. Wurlitzer (Nikki's mum); Mrs. R. Smith; Miss. G. Poland (french); Mrs. S. Doyle (social and environmental studies); Mrs. A. Riglin; Mrs. Hollingdale; Mrs. G. Hooker (senior mistress and english); Mr. I. Souter (PE); Miss P. Rabey; Mr. Bill Jackson (deputy head and maths); Mr. Alan Barker (music); Mr. John Doughty; Miss. C. Talbot (PE and special needs support); Mr. Simmons (english); Mr. J. Albery (part-time); Mrs. Bell (latterly part-time); Mrs. Draper (part-time); Mr. Ridley; Mrs. Bryant (remedial teaching); Mr. Lee (PE); Mrs. Stubbs; Mrs. Sue Swain; Jean Boud (secretary).

DN: Mr. M. Pybus (head); Mr. Tony Perkins (head); Miss. Jean Boyle (deputy head); 'Red' Ken Haworth (english); Mrs. Jenkins (english); Mr. R. Moore (physics); Mrs. Sue Jones (German); Miss. Gillian Weller (maths); Mr. Biddle (maths); Mrs. Rigglesford (maths); Mr. D. Alexander (geography); Miss. Kellow (geography); Mr. Middlewick (history); Mrs. Wells (french); Miss. Excell (french); Mr. Stirling Triggs (PE); Mr. Ted Ricks (PE); Mr. Austin (PE); Mr. Jon Roberts (physics); Mr. Clarke (biology); Mr. Fleming (chemistry); Mr. Phelps (chemistry); Mr. Eric Bailey (art); Mr. Jones (art); Mr. Bryce (music); Rev. Arthur Viney (RE and deputy head); Mr. W. Backshall; Mr. D. Hall (maths); Mrs. S. Jerrey; Mrs. J. Vale; Mrs. Casey (special needs); Mr. Rifat (maths and science); Mr. Davis (science); Miss. Bailey (maths); Miss. Childs (geography); Miss. Rudge; Mr. Gwilliam; Mrs. Berry; Miss. Noble (science); Mr. Evans (deputy head); Miss. Vida Burton; Miss. Montieth; Mrs. King; Mr. O'Connell; Mr. Forder; Mr. McEvoy (english); Mr. Wilson (english and RE); Mr. Rigby (science); Mr. Powell (rural studies); Mrs. Glass (supply).

Still at Downlands in June 2005: Mr. Jones (art); Mrs. Sue Jones (german); Mr. R. Moore (physics).

HHC: Mrs. Sandy A. Thomas (english and careers); Mr. B. Rowe (english); Mr. Colin John Oxley (history and deputy head); Mrs. Jennifer Porter (history); Mr. P. Metcalfe (electronics); Mr. C. Pyle (maths); Dr. A. G. Williamson (maths); Mr. P. Dickenson; Ms. S. Holmes (CTTB editor); Mr. William Gilbert (drama); Mrs. Gadd (deputy head); Mr. Keith P. A. Ward (deputy head); Mr. Brian W. Derbyshire (head); Mr. C. P. Brittain; Dr. M. Keogh; Mr. H. Chignell; Miss. K. Miller; Mr. C. Collard; Mr. P. S. Clark; Mr. J. Trivedy; Mrs. G. Bradley; Mrs. A. Fielding Smith; Mr. W. S. Robertson; Miss. E. Whittle; Mr. D. B. Jones; Mr. P. Frier; Mr. N. Foskett; Mr. P. S. Welch; Miss. T. Lowe; Mr. G. Madden (english); Mr. D. Packer; Mr. D. Miles; Mr. I. Cunliffe; Mrs. S. M. Casson; Mr. A. Cornall; Mr. B. Boddington (english); Dr. A. Burford; Mr. R. Silkstone; Dr. J. Sheppard; Mr. G. Phillpott; Mr. C. A. Weston; Mr. D. Adelman; Mr. J. Hardwick; Mr. J. Green; Mr. L. Kelly; Mr. R. W. Molyneux; Mrs. L. A. Edwards; Mrs. S. Roverato; Mr. M. E. Reid; Mr. M. Cleary; Mr. R. Attree; Mrs. A. R. Roberts; Mr. J. G. Black; Miss. M. J. Whitney; Mr. W. P. Aherne; Mr. C. P. Chubb; Mr. C. Hinton; Mr. B. A. Coxhill; Mr. S. MacFarlane; Mrs. M. Flower; Mrs. M. Davis; Mrs. R. J. Cole; Mr. S. Evans; Mr. W. Merritt; Mr. D. W. Dutton; Miss. G. C. Bond; Mrs. L. Heaver; Mr. N. Rowe.

HHC College Magazines

The official college magazine was the Haywardian, whilst the alternative magazines were Thistles and Close to the Bone (Close to the Heart and Close to the Kremlin). The Haywardian editorial teams: (1984: Fiona Shafer, Simon Phelps, Paul Wickens); (Spring 1985: Patrice Lawrence, Emma Gilliam, Deborah Piatonni, Rachelle Hunter, Tiffany Thomas, and Debbie Sargent); (1986: Anjali Dholakia, Ralph Kidson, Teresa Field). Thistles production team (issue 2): Lucy Hopper, Patrice Lawrence, Debbie Sargent, and Rosalind Smeed; (issue 3): Debbie Sargent, Patrice Lawrence, and Stewart Avery. Close to the Bone was produced by Ms. (Sally) Holmes' crack team of wannabe hacks and subversives, who wangled 'doing the alternative mag' as a General Studies option: Brett Anderson, Stewart Avery, Kevin Blowe, Lucy Coley, Debbie 'DJ' Elliott, Neil Finney, David Harrison, James Hill, Nick Lambert, Katherine Nicholas, Janina de la Nougerade, Richard Postill, Vicki Thompson, and Lisa Young.

HHC Houses

Borde, Flower, Molyneux, Spicer

HHC Tutor Group Reps (1985)

B1: Phillipa Cole; B2: Ailsa Stevens; B3: David Buckler; B4: Huw Burton; B5: Neil Tribe; B6: Andrew Turner; B7: Carolyn McGill; B8: Ciara Palmer; B9: Samantha Camp; B10: Andrew Corbett; B11: Michelle Clark; B12: Vanessa Barlow; B13: Tom Neve.

F1: Bethan Hall; F2: Paul Barlow; F3: Andrew Rutter; F4: Louise Bentley; F5: Lisa Young; F6: Simon Mees; F7: Jacqueline Hall; F8: Jane Morphew; F9: Denice Williams; F10: Helen Cheetham; F11: Ben White; F12: Janet Scott; F13: Adam Hunt.

M1: Jason Folley; M2: Alison Shelton; M3: Kirstie Milne; M4: Nicholas Markham; M5: Stephen Palles-Clark; M6: Richard Thompson; M7: Michele Pearson; M8: Sarah Hopkins; M9: Claire Wareham; M10: Paul Ritchie; M11: Simon Jackson; M12: Sarah Gibbons; M13: Emma Pitman.

S1: Fiona Law; S2: Alison Foote; S3: Ros Wallis; S4: Andrew Ross; S5: Jane Garbutt; S6: John Evans; S7: Rachel Atthis; S8: Paul Marsden; S9: Roisin Davison; S10: Andrew Baker; S11: Alison Boother; S12: Mathew Osman; S13: Alison Gale.

World's End, Burgess Hill

Johnny Ashdown, grocer, died in May 1993 at the age of 74. Derek Funnell, who had worked at the VG shop for 30 years, died of a heart attack in January 1994 at the age of 57. Jim Thwaites, postmaster at North End Post Office in the VG shop retired after 45 years service in May 2000. His brother John took over, having worked at the shop since the age of 15. John retired in October 2003. The nice young lady with the long hair who worked in the Candy Shop when we were at MF, was (and still is) my Aunt Hazel.

Many of the shops in World's End still sell the same things although under different management. The row by Wivelsfield station still has a baker's, the paper shop, a launderette, and a hair-dresser's. There is still an off-licence and a chippy, and the VG Shop remains but as a Kwik Mart under new owners. Stubbings' newsagents closed, but the old sign remains. Johnny Ashdown's grocery shop is now the site of a shop selling riding tackle. There is a pet shop nearby. Over the road, the hardware store has been replaced by flats, under construction in mid-2004. The candy shop has gone, and the chemist's is now a vet's.


1988. Sally Holmes left HHC after teaching there since 1983.

August 1989. Retirement of Miss. Enid Harrison (61) from MF after 25 years as head of infants.
July 1991. Retirement of Vida Burton (54), home economics teacher, from Downlands, after 31 years.
2004. Mr. David Alexander (Geography) left DN having taught there since 1975.

July 2007. Mrs. Jacky Vale/Streeter (PE) retired having taught at DN since 1972.

Date unknown: The Flounders: John Palmer (vocals), Simon Hooper (guitar), Philip Wooller (drums), Marina Kniestedt (vocals). Music described as 'funky Prefab Sprout'.


Mr. Gumbrell (MF; October 1977); Mrs. Jenkins (DN); Mr. John Doughty (MF; June/July 1999, aged 46); Mrs. Margaret Coveney (MF; August 1999, aged 73); Mr. Colin John Oxley (HHC; December 2000, aged 70); Mrs. Jean Moses (MF; July 2001, aged 57); Miss. Jean Boyle (DN; 2004); Mr. Ted Ricks (DN; October 2004, aged 55); Mr. Eric Bailey (DN; 2004, aged 80).

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