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I was a shy, moody, frequently obnoxious, hideously right-wing geek. Now I'm a tree-hugging, left-wing, vegan and hopefully a bit less-obnoxious, old geek. I am now a book dealer and a writer. I no longer live in South East England.

School Memories: Getting belted round the head with a hockey stick by an over-exuberant Mark Hosken in a game of hockey. Stopping one of Barry Burt's penalties with my left testicle (now in a jam jar on the mantelpiece). French Lessons & German Mistresses: I was crap at languages so of course I ended up doing French and German. To avoid being asked questions in French, I developed the ability to become invisible. This worked so well that my teacher of two years couldn't remember my name in the exam hall. Mrs. Jones taught German. We liked Mrs. Jones in ways we weren't quite old enough to fully appreciate. A long skirt, a thin white blouse, and an acid wit. Mrs. Watson, Mr. Doughty (MF), Mrs. Wells, Mr. Alexander, and Mrs. Rigglesford (DN), were particularly wonderful. Special mention goes to the thunderously inspirational 'Red' Ken Haworth who adopted us for five years of awesome English lessons (and he owned a ZX81). Happy memories of Mr. Roberts' boundless enthusiasm for physics experiments that didn't quite work and of Mr. Phelps' accidental attempt to gas us all by not sticking the fume cupboard hose out the window. Mr. Moore was our laid-back, chilled-out form tutor, who took all of our dalliances from the path of virtue in his stride. At HHC, Sandy Thomas continued the tradition of inspirational English lessons, and the rest is history.