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Downlands Staff

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Downlands Welcome (1977) and 3rd Year Options (1982) brochures

1977/1978 Staff

Mr. M. Pybus, MA, Dip.Ed. Univ. Cambridge. Headmaster.

Miss. Jean B. Boyle, Univ. London TC. Deputy Head.

Mr. Arthur Viney, BEd. Univ. London TC. Second Master, Religious Education.

Mr. D. Alexander, BA. Humanities.

Mr. Eric Bailey, Weymouth TC. Head of Art, Safety & Security Officer, 5th Year Head.

Mr. A. Bamford, BSc. Mathematics, Science, 4th Year Head.

Miss. S. Barton, GNSM, LRAM, PGC. Head of Music.

Miss. Vida E. Burton, Univ. London TC. Head of Home Economics, Careers, 3rd Year Head.

Mr. A. Clark, BEd. Mathematics, Science.

Mrs. J. Clements, Univ. London TC. Home Economics.

Mrs. B. Davies. English. 1 Year Appointment.

Miss. W. Gilmour, BA. Bristol TC. Head of Mathematics.

Mrs. G. Anthony Green, BA. Head of Humanities.

Mr. D. Hall, BEd. Mathematics.

Mrs. A. Jacklin, Univ. Liverpool TC. Girls PE, Part time.

Mrs. M. Jenkins, Dip.Ed. Univ. Sussex. Head of English, Remedial Help.

Mr. S. Jones, ATC. Craft.

Mrs. L. King, BA. Dip.Ed. French, Part time.

Miss. G. Lindsay, BEd. English, Library.

Mr. A. Marriott, Dip.Geog. Univ. Reading TC. Head of Geography, 2nd Year Head.

Miss. E. Mayne, BA Cert.Ed. Head of Modern Languages.

Mr. R. Middlewick, St. Luke's Coll. Exeter TC. Dip.PE. Cert.History, Coll. St. Mark & St. John. Head of History, Resources, Public Examinations.

Miss. M. Nygaard. Commerce. Part time.

Mr. S. Powell, Bristol TC, Dip.Agric. Science, Careers, 1st Year Head.

Miss. J. Read, BA Dip.Ed. English, Drama.

Mr. Edward (Ted) Ricks, BEd. Head of PE, Sociology.

Mr. G. Rigby, BEd. LIRG. Head of Science.

Mr. J. Shackleton, BSc. Cert.Ed. Mathematics.

Mr. E. Swales, C&G Cert. Woodwork, Metalwork.

Miss. E. Tasker, BSc. Science, Biology.

Mr. J. Temple, BA. Mathematics.

Mrs. J. Vale, Univ. Sussex TC. Girls PE, History.

Mrs. P. Wells, BA, MA, PGCE. French, German.

Later Arrivals

Mr. Austin. PE.

Mr. W. Backshall.

Miss. Bailey. Mathematics.

Mrs. Berry.

Mr. Biddle. Mathematics.

Mr. Bryce. Music.

Mrs. Casey. Special Needs.

Miss. Childs. Geography.

Mr. Davis. Science.

Mr. Evans. Deputy Head.

Miss. Excell. French.

Mr. Fleming. Chemistry.

Mr. Forder.

Mrs. Glass. Supply.

Mr. Gwilliam.

'Red' Ken Haworth. English.

Mrs. S. Jerrey.

Mrs. Sue Jones. German.

Miss. Kellow. Geography.

Mr. McEvoy. English.

Miss. Montieth.

Mr. R. Moore. Physics.

Miss. Noble. Science.

Mr. O'Connell. Director of Studies.

Mr. Tony Perkins. Headmaster.

Mr. Phelps. Chemistry.

Mr. Rifat. Mathematics, Science.

Mrs. Rigglesford. Mathematics.

Mr. Jon Roberts. Physics.

Mr. Robotham. Careers.

Miss. Rudge.

Mr. Stirling Triggs. PE.

Miss. Gillian Weller. Mathematics.

Mr. Wilson. English, Religious Education.

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